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Sr. Mechanical Engineer – Power Plant

Nature of Work:
Detailed  engineering work, including the planning, scheduling and coordination of plant projects.  Develop and implement improvements to plant processes in support of maintenance and operations activities.  Power plant support emphasis may include:  coal-fired boilers and associated systems, turbine-generators, combined cycle units, flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubbers and waste processing, continuous emissions monitoring systems and material handling systems.  Experience with other power plant systems and industrial equipment including but not limited to fans, pumps, compressors, feeders, conveyors, electrical systems and motors is preferred.

Basic Job Duties:
  1. Provide coordination and field monitoring of projects.
  2. Initiate, develop and oversee projects from start to completion.
  3. Support of system related operations and maintenance activities.
  4. Troubleshoot plant process failures, root cause, repair process, and correct to prevent future occurrences.
  5. Develop engineering packages, including spreadsheets, (graphs, tables, calculations, economic analysis, budgets) memorandums, purchase requisitions and capital project documentation.
  6. Initiate, develop and submit to management budget information with cost estimates and time frames for annual and long-term operations and maintenance and capital expenditures.
  7. Evaluate new/changing technologies and products for applications in a power plant.
  8. Help develop risk assessment and mitigation strategy when equipment condition cannot be made immediate due to time or cost restraints.
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